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Why Choose Us? 

10 Reasons To Choose Oncore Physical Therapy For Your Pelvic Health Care

Pelvic Health is a very specialized field, and the expertise is very diverse. Many of our patients have been to many other Pelvic health practices before finding relief with us. Choosing a practice and having the confidence in your provider is extremely crucial in Pelvic Health so you can find the lasting relief rather than give-up mid-way. 



We bring the best to you so that you do not have to search for it.

“We are a Pelvic Health Physical Therapists and not Physical Therapists that also provide Pelvic Health services”


At Oncore, we specialize in Pelvic Health alone rather than offer pelvic Health as an add-on service. We have undergone thorough education and training in Pelvic Health rather than complete a single course work to provide the care. This enables us to provide highly skilled and focused care through our passionate experts who are constantly updating knowledge with new advancements and training so that you do not have to keep researching for the best care. 


Your Privacy is important to us.

We provide services in individual rooms rather than open gym spaces so that we can respect your privacy when conducting your care. You will never be double booked and have your one-on-one time with your physical therapist.


We look at the “why’s” and not just your symptoms. 

We strive to find the root cause of the problem rather than chasing the symptoms. Often, the problem lies where it is least expected; which is the primary reason that symptoms do not improve or keep coming back. We work on identifying and treating the “why’s” rather than treating your symptoms alone.


We offer a “Hands-on Approach” 

We provide hands-on therapy rather than hooking you to a machine or leaving you with an assistant to oversee your exercises. You will be with your pelvic health physical therapist during your entire session. 


Our treatment methods are unique to you 

We design a care plan specifically for you rather than providing you downloads from the internet. We disagree with the “fit for all approach.” Our home program is designed and modified constantly to suite your needs which keeps changing with your progress. 


Work with the same Physical Therapist every visit 

You will always see the same physical therapist each visit rather than being shuffled between different PTs. Seeking care with a therapist of your choice is crucial for having compliance and lasting relief for your problems.  


Your Goals are more important than ours 

We respect everyone equally and prioritize their concerns and goals more than ours. We exercise honesty in our approach and strive to get you back to your personal or fitness goals ASAP so that you can return without re-injury and with confidence. 


Speak with your Pelvic Health PT before your appointment 

You will have an opportunity to talk with a doctor of physical therapy and a pelvic health expert to discuss your concerns as well as get all your questions answered directly rather than facing the anxiety of unknown. Start developing confidence in your healing journey from beginning of your care. You will speak with your treating PT prior to your initial evaluation to discuss any concerns if you have not spoken with her earlier. 


Say “Good-bye” to your Pelvic Health problems forever 

You will learn ways to build confidence and awareness between your brain and body so that you can get back to anything that you love. You can surely get to just good enough, but find your path to lasting relief forever with our methods. 


Quicker recovery with acute and chronic pelvic problems

Our MSS method is a program strategically designed and has helped 1000+ patients to quickly restore and return to pain-free and symptom-free life. Most of our patients have become pain-free in 4-6 visits with our highly effective methods. 

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